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Vocations Competition for Schools

“With a Father's Heart: that is how Joseph loved Jesus, whom all four Gospels refer to as 'the son of Joseph'.”

- Pope Francis, Patris corde

2021 Competition

In Spring 2020, the Diocesan Vocations Office held a Lego competition for those in our diocesan schools. Following the success of the contest, we have another chance for pupils in our schools to explore Vocation and win prizes for themselves and their school.


This year's theme is 'Patris Corde - With a Father's Heart' for the Year of Saint Joseph, and we're asking for pieces of artwork exploring this theme.

Entries will be judged on:

  • How clearly the artwork depicts or links to Saint Joseph;

  • How well the image coveys a theme of vocation;

  • How inspirational the image is.


The prizes will be:

  • For the Primary age category winner – a 145 piece professional art set;

  • For the Secondary age category winner – 104 piece all-media easel set;

  • For Primary age category runner-up – a junior artist’s colouring & painting set;

  • For Secondary age category runner-up – a sketching set;

  • For the winners’ schools – a handmade icon of the Holy Family;

  • For the runners-ups’ schools – an icon of Saint Joseph.


Due to pupils only just returning to school and the date of Easter, the competition only runs for a short time until the end of term, but we think this gives enough time to create some inspirational entries - we look forward to seeing them!

Competition Poster.jpg
Our Judges

Bishop David Evans

Auxiliary Bishop

The Archdiocese of Birmingham


Mrs. Lianne Pap

Marriage & Family Life Coordinator

The Archdiocese of Birmingham


Fr. Naz Mgungwe

Parish Priest

St. Joseph's, Malvern


Full rules for the competition.

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