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Parish Evangelisation

“To support and mobilise all in the diocese to become true missionary disciples.

– Diocesan Mission Statement

Envision, Encounter, Equip
- Resourcing Parishes for Evangelisation

Becoming a missionary parish - where evangelisation takes a central place - is an exciting and challenging task. Our Lord tells us to go and make disciples (Matt 28:18-20), and while we desire to follow His command, we may find it difficult to know what to do first, or to know who or what is there to help us.


Three pages have been designed to help you to take some initial steps on that road, by beginning to do these things:


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What is Evangelisation?

Journey of Evangelisation

An overview.

The attached overview will help you to picture the journey of evangelisation, using the Directory for Catechesis as our guide. How is Witness different from Proclamation? What role does Catechesis play in evangelisation? What about Vocation? All play a part in our evangelisation.

Download the linked document to find out more.

While the resources on these pages are designed to be easily used by a parish, I am eager to add my support in helping to kickstart your endeavours and would like to come and encourage parishes and deaneries in person where possible. You are welcome to get in touch for advice and support, to help you consider the best way forward. You might consider joining with another parish, or with your deanery, if you are thinking of inviting us to speak or support you.

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