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“In a Church which is totally vocational, all are vocations promoters.”

- In Verbo tuo 6 

A parish is the place where vocations are cultivated. Within the parish, the family is the privileged place where vocations are nurtured. The Diocesan Vocations Office offers practical support to clergy and parishioners to build up a culture of vocation.

​We offer:
  • Cards and other printed materials to support prayer for vocations,

  • Help to establish and support a vocation promotion group,

  • To speak with parish groups (particularly youth groups),

  • To speak with the wider parish community and share about discerning God's call: the universal call to holiness, the call to a way of life and call to work,

  • Visits to parishes to preach on vocation and make appeals for the Clergy Training Fund; the Vocations Director is happy to celebrate Holy Mass for the parish.

Get in touch!

Deacon Owen is the Diocesan Promoter for Vocations, supporting those in our parishes.


  • The book Hundredfold: A Guide to Parish Vocation Ministry by Rhonda Gruenewald offers a range of activities that could be tried out in your parish. Buy here.

  • North Staffordshire Deanery Vocations Promotions Group has been meeting for 32 years. Below is a short introduction to their wonderful work in the Archdiocese, which may provide helpful ideas.

North Staffordshire Deanery Vocations Promotions Group
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