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 6 Diocesan Vision Sessions

“I am excited about helping to create a future full of missionary disciples, with clergy and lay faithful working together to create vibrant and joyful communities serving God and neighbour.

– Archbishop Bernard Longley, ‘An Invitation’, Diocesan Vision

The Diocesan Vision: Unfolding God's Plan

Our Diocesan Vision is the Archbishop’s dream for every parish in the Archdiocese of Birmingham, and he invites us to be a part of it. The plans that we make as deaneries and parishes should be united to that vision, so that they will help us to make that future a reality...

A Synodal Church

The recent Synod encouraged us to look anew at our Church, in a spirit of discernment, with every Catholic being co-responsible with the clergy for the depth of our Communion, Participation and Mission. Our Diocesan Vision can help us to continue that journey.


6 Sessions to help Parishes Respond to the Archbishop’s Invitation.

The following contains suggestions for six sessions that break the Archbishop’s vision into bite size chunks - looking at what it means for individuals and parishes, and offering ideas that can help us to respond to his invitation. The hope is to provide an opportunity for parish groups - united with their priests and other parish leaders - to reflect on their recent experiences, so that they can begin to discern God’s will for their parish communities.

Links are available below to let you download the whole document or just the session/s you want. The summary sheet can help you decide which. Perhaps you could ask the discernment groups your parish convened during the Synod, to meet again for this purpose!


Our Vision is to be a Catholic diocese which is faithful to the mission entrusted to us by Jesus Christ, full of missionary disciples who work together co-responsibly in vibrant communities of faith, joyful in their service of God and neighbour.

SINGLE PAGE SUMMARY - Diocesan Vision Sessions

An introduction to the 6 sessions available below

FULL DOCUMENT & APPENDICES - Diocesan Vision Sessions

6 sessions to help us 'Unfold God's Plan'


Introduction - Diocesan Vision Sessions

A brief intoduction and guide to using the sessions

Part 1 - "Reflect with Me"

What God has been doing and where is he leading us?

Part 2 - "Our Diocesan Vision"

What is our Vision and how does our parish reflect its values?

Part 3 - "Make a Powerful Change"

How can we invest in the people we have?

Casting Net
Part 4 - "Our Four Themes"

Where do our parish minstries fit into the Diocesan Vision? What other opportunities are there for mission?

Part 5 - "My Commitment"

How does our parish culture help or hinder our mission?

Part 6 - "Make a Pledge to Pray"

Making prayer for the fulfilment of the Vision a key parish activity

Thank You!

Please get in touch if the Office for Mission can help you to work out how best to use the resources on this page.


Please contact Paul for more information.

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