“We are making a fresh beginning in a different setting,

and we pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us

and inspire us as we rebuild our Church.

– Archbishop Bernard Longley, An Invitation, Diocesan Vision

All Are Called! During the recent Synod, Pope Francis asked us to discern what the Holy Spirit was saying to our Church. Each of us is co-responsible for the mission of the Church using our gifts together with one another. Pope Francis also reminds us that we are Missionary Disciples – that means that our Christian lives are shaped for sharing the Gospel in word and deed. This is vital in marriage and family life too, in which we witness Christ to one another as the domestic church.

Evangelisation in Your Parish

We are commanded to ‘go […] and make disciples of all nations’ (Matt 28:18-20) through inviting others to an encounter with the risen Christ. There are many tools and methods a parish might employ to do this: from courses to videos, Bible studies to evangelisation teams. Our greatest resources for this work are our parishioners! Advice is available to help you:


  • Develop and communicate a vision for evangelisation,

  • Identify the charisms/gifts that exist in your parish,

  • Reach out to those who are lapsed, unchurched or weary of living the Catholic Faith,

  • Develop evangelisation groups and teams,

  • Transform parish ministries into missionary tools,

  • Find resources for evangelisation,

  • Pray for evangelisation.


“Evangelisation is not, in the first place, the delivery of doctrine; but rather, making present and announcing Jesus Christ.” - Directory for Catechesis, 29


Paul Northam is the Diocesan Advisor for Evangelisation and Marriage & Family Life. He works to assist the Church in the task of announcing the Good News of Jesus Christ and supporting disciples in mission, and in the family, in parishes across the Archdiocese of Birmingham.


Paul can help parishes to develop vision and to create effective strategies for evangelisation, marriage and family life, supporting the formation of God’s Holy people, “mobilising all in the diocese to become true missionary disciples.” (Diocesan Mission Statement)

T: 0121 321 5148

E: paul.northam@rcaob.org.uk