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“Strengthened by this hope we address ourselves to you, children, adolescents and young people, so that in your choice of future you may welcome God's plan for you: you will be happy and fulfilled only by being open to fulfilling the Creator's dream for his creature.”

In Verbo tuo 4 

We recognise that, as part of His universal call to holiness, God's marvellous plan for us begins when we are young. Our diocesan schools have a key role in helping to support parents and parishes in nurturing an openness to God's call in our young people. The Diocesan Vocations Office is here to help schools in sowing the seeds of vocation.


Young people in our schools are always considering their place in the Church and in the world, their relationship with Jesus, how they want to serve others and how they wish to make a difference. They also have an acute awareness of the decisions they will be asked to make: subject choices, university and college courses, careers and who they might be. We wish to help them in that discernment process, so the Diocesan Vocations Office offers support to chaplains, teachers and school leaders in building a culture of vocation in our diocesan schools.

What we offer:
  • A point of contact for those who might speak about vocation in school (such as clergy, seminarians, and religious brothers and sisters). If we make visits, workshops and talks, we appreciate a donation towards our travel costs,

  • Support on planning vocations days/weeks or activities in school,

  • Help with participation in Vocations Masses and prayer for Vocations,

  • A presence at careers events,

  • Bookings for Oscott's outreach for schools in June each year.

Get in touch!

Deacon Owen is the Diocesan Promoter for Vocations, supporting those in our schools.

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