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Liturgical Resources

“O God, who willed to provide shepherds for your people,

pour out in your Church a spirit of piety and fortitude,

to raise up worthy ministers for your altars.”

- From the Collect for a Mass for Vocations to Holy Orders

Mass for Vocations

The Church provides a Mass for Vocations to Holy Orders in her Masses for Various Needs and Occasions, for the “pastoral advantage” of the community, praying that those called to Holy Orders (to be deacons, priests and bishops) may hear and answer God's call.

Here are resources to help prepare such a Mass to be celebrated in a parish, school or for occasions such as a deanery gathering.

A Guide to Preparing a Mass for Vocations

Overview to a Mass for Vocations.

Key documents
Prayers from the Missal

Those used by the priest.

Options for Readings

An overview of the options for Scripture at Mass.

Readings from the Lectionary

The Biblical texts.

Readings for the Good News Bible

The Biblical texts, as an option for Masses for young children.

Other useful documents
Prayers from the Missal for a Mass for Vocations to Religious Life

Those used by the priest.

Sample Bidding Prayers

To adapt and use for the Prayer of the Faithful.

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